The Importance of Building Your Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand If Probably The Most Important Asset You Own

Target, McDonald's, Nike, Adidas, Walt Disney, the list goes on and on and on. Walmart, Burger King, Wendy's, Subway sandwiches. Branding is about creating a presence that there is no question about when people see that brand, who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer. So what happens with most people is they get involved with a company, whether it's an affiliate marketing company, a network marketing company, some sort of business online. It's not something that they may have created themselves. It's not something that they may have designed themselves, but it is something that they want to promote and want to market. And then once they become involved with these companies, they promote the company. Amway, let's get a good example, has been around forever and I have people get involved with Amway and they start promoting Amway, yay, join my Amway business and so forth. And then something happens that the business goes away for some reason or they decide to change and now all of a sudden the next thing you see is they're talking about their new company or their new business which is fine but because of that there's all of this discontinuity outside in the outside online world with one minute there with this company one minute there this company this company this company in that company okay Target will always be Target big fan of Target but Target a lot Walmart will always be Walmart McDonald's will always be McDonald's.

It would take a lot and good reasoning behind them and maybe marketing strategy or whatever it might take for them to change the Golden Arches or to change the bouncing little Walmart ball guy, you know, and all of that stuff. Because those are established brands. So why is it so important that we create our personal brand? Because there's an old saying, right? Wherever you go, there you are. And you want to make sure that that's true. You want to create your personal brand. Ron, Joe, Sally, whatever it might be. Your personal brand. Maybe it's not your name and maybe it's something that you do like we have Deering Academy. But you establish that brand. So no matter what you're doing, no matter what company you're partnering up with at the time and everything, it doesn't matter because if that changes, they're still coming to your brand. They'd look at that and they say, okay, I know what this brand is all about. I know what it means.

I know what it stands for. I'm gonna come and see what they've got going on. And things may change. Maybe you're doing health and wellness and you're using one company for your products and stuff, and then you switch to a different one because that one goes under, or they're not doing what they should, or for whatever reason, right? But it doesn't matter, because they still come to your brand and they see what you've got. Personal branding, in my personal opinion, is probably one of the most important things that you can do for your business.

Establish that personal brand. Here's another reason why. You want to have your own website. You want to have your own content. You want to have the assets that are yours. Now, social media is great. It's a great place to promote and market and do all that stuff. But at a moment's notice, even with YouTube, at a moment's notice, they could take down everything I have. Right? And if I'm not saving all of those videos somewhere, you know, on a hard drive or somewhere on my computer or whatever, or somewhere on a server that is secure that I can get to, I've lost everything.

I can't tell you how many times over the years people have, friends of mine that have had hundreds, if not thousands, of videos on YouTube, and they got shut down. And they lost the channel and they fought it and they you know went back and and tried to appeal it and everything else and Whatever they did didn't work and they lost all that channel and some of those people didn't have those videos backed up anywhere So they couldn't just start a new channel and start uploading them up. They had to recreate everything that they had done. I Love you know, I'm I'm not a big fan of tick-tock. That's just my personal beliefs, but you know Facebook and Reels and YouTube Shorts and Messengers and these little short videos. Of course Facebook Live and YouTube Lives and all of that stuff. Great place to market, but you'll notice in all of my marketing and all of my videos that I put out there, I link them back to my personal website. and at the end of the day, if that's where all the traffic is going from whatever traffic goes to the social media, if the social media disappears, people are still going to keep coming back to my website and my personal things that are branded.

I make sure I keep that brand within the social media platforms, within Facebook, within Instagram, within Pinterest, within YouTube Reels and YouTube. I make sure that that stuff is everywhere that I go. I've just started up my YouTube channel that this is on right now so I've got to get that branding back in there but personal branding in my opinion and having your own assets and having your own website and having your own online presence out there is probably the most important thing that you can do for your business. I don't know anybody. Grant Cardone, Ray Higdon, Eric Worley, you know, the huge people out there. Gary Vee, all of these people that we all know in the entrepreneurial world have their own websites, have their own brands. You know who they are by who they are, not by necessarily a company that they may be partnered with or anything like that, right? You know who they are because of them and their personal brand. So if you don't learn anything from this video, this audio, really, learn one thing, personal branding is extremely important. And you can get your logos made like on Fiverr, you can get your, come up with your brand, use ChatGPT, use the AI systems out there now and, you know, ask them some questions and come up with that, you know, taglines and all that stuff. And you can have your website done for very inexpensive these days to start with.

WordPress, I do websites for people in Webflow. There's all kinds of ways that you can have your own assets and your own presence online. So God bless you. I hope this has helped. Don't underestimate personal branding.

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